WiFi Sniffer

It's possible to capture traffic (IP packets) or Wifi frames (low level capture) on most OS.

WiFi Sniffer Windows

- Acrylic WiFi Professional. - Nirsoft - microsoft Message Analyzer

WiFi sniffer software for Windows

Monitor mode hardware for windows

There are few hardware solutions that are able to perform monitor mode under windows without additional software.

Dedicated packet capture Hardware for Windows

The best known option, but no longer sold, is Airpcap. Airpcap was a riverbed 802.11n card that allowed traffic capture in pcap format from software such as Wireshark. Its price was approximately 800 USD

NDIS packet capture Wifi.

Microsoft NDIS implementation allows to perform Wifi packet capture, however there are a lot of limitations, like only 20MHZ channel wide capture, (insted of wider channels like 40Mhz or 80Mhz supported by 802.11n or 802.11ac standard) A list for supported wifi cards with NDIS packet capture is available at https://www.acrylicwifi.com/en/support-webinars-wifi-wireless-network-software-tools/compatible-hardware/ It's required to install a software that includes an NDIS packet capture driver. Programs like Acrylic WiFi pro include support for older wireshark versions.

WiFi drivers for Windows

WiFi sniffer for Linux

WiFi sniffer software for Linux

- Kismet - Airodump - Wireshark /tshark Network interfaces must be set to monitor mode with iwconfig.

Monitor mode hardware for Linux

WiFi sniffer for MAC

Generic WiFi sniffer hardware

- Remote pcap. (Aruba, microtik)